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Event Name Grade Date
-Georgia AAU District Qualifyer 4th-8th 2014-05-02
-horny 0000-00-00
-john 0000-00-00


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General Sting Information

Georgia Sting Tryouts for all grades has concluded. However, there still may be a Player that missed the previously scheduled tryout session(s) for their age group and still have the desire to participate with the Georgia Sting. If you are that Player, please contact Billy Jackson at billy@georgiasting.com and provide the Players name, age, grade, school, and contact information and he will make every effort to place you on one of Georgia Sting teams.

Points Of Contacts:
Billy Jackson, (706) 830-6804, billy@georgiasting.com
Mike Brown, brown23@bellsouth.net

Click here for more information on Georgia Sting 2014 Tryout Registration!

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